On-line Quilting Bees

Has anyone ever done a quilting bee? I hadn’t, but I loved the idea, so when I heard the there was such a think as an on-line bee, I was totally intrigued. With a bit of googling around I discovered Threadbias and several on-line bees.

I joined two and it’s been really fun! The first one is for Newbee Quilters. There are 12 ladies in our group, from Los Angeles to Perth! One person picks a block, post the pattern and gives the fabric parameters. We have about a month to send out our completed blocks. The next month someone else is the “Queen Bee”, and they pick a new block for us to make. My month is July, 2014. I haven’t decide what to make yet. Suggestions??

Our first block was the Star Crossed Block from Don’t Call Me Betsy. Elizabeth Dackson has a great tutorial for this block as well as many other fab things on her website:


I made several blocks and these were the two I sent.

I was worried that there wasn’t enough contrast with the blues and lavender,


but after trying the blue and orange I was satisfied.


So off they went to Australia for a great adventure!

I’m really enjoying this process and can’t wait for next month’s block. The group is friendly and supportive and it’s exciting to watch the pictures as the quilt grows with each new addition.

Next Post: Improve-Robin– a different style of Bee!

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