Just a mini post!

While I was thinking and planning with my friend Raquel, on just how to make the perfect quilt for her new baby girl, I decided to give one of our ideas a try. We thought it would be great to work with triangle and hexi shapes. So to give the idea of placing those shapes into strips, I made a mini quilt!IMG_3389

For a long time I had wanted to play with the idea of quilting from a single point, with the point off center. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

A bit of hand binding later and this little guy was finished!

Since the mini went so well, we went on to the real thing…more on that later!


It’s my month to bee queen!

In my opinion I should ALWAYS be queen ;D, but alas, I will have to content myself with being a “Quilting Queen Bee” and for only a month!  We have a wonderfully creative group of women in Hive #6 in the Newbee Quilters bee from Threadbias. We’ve made all kinds of blocks in the past months and they were all fun. I found it was really a bit of a struggle to choose which block to ask everyone to make for me!

I finally decided on the economy block. I’ve always wanted to make some but, they never quite made it into it my stack of WIPs or planned projects. (Do you have an entire shelf of those too, or is it just me?!) I decide on the tutorial from Rita at Red Pepper Quilts. I love her work, and find her tutorials clear and wonderfully photographed…and, I love her choice of fabrics for this project! Vintage-y and whimsical–totally fun.

I can’t wait to show you what everyone sends. I’ll keep you posted! (gotta have at least one bad pun per post, right?)

But, in the meantime let me catch you up on the blocks I’ve made for past months, for our other “Queen (bees) For A Month”.

Modern Granny square

Modern Granny square

The modern fabrics really updates this super easy block. And when you trim it down, it looks like you’ve done all the hard work of setting squares on the bias. I love blocks that look like more work than they really are! (shhhh!, don’t tell) The tutorial is from Simple Simon & Company.

The Pinwheel Toss


This fun nine patch from Clover & Violet has its tutorial on Sew We Quilt. You’ve got to check out how cute it is when it gets cut and rotated. The pinwheels make it!

The Spectrum Star

This block of rainbow-y goodness can be made with the tutorial from Ellison Lane.

Converging Corners

IMG_2972This angel block made with Film in the Fridge’s tutorial, in scrappy, earth toned, modern fabrics, was a so much fun that it was my second choice of block for my month as queen. Guess it’ll have to get in line behind my other projects!

Sailing Ships

Such a cute little sailboat  and it can be found here at Delaware quilts.

Scrap Jar Stars


An adorable scrap buster can be found at the Little Bit Biased blog.

Churn and Dash


Some modern & whimsical fabric makes this classic block fresh. Made from the tutorial on Cluck, Cluck Sew.

A great array of blocks and new blogs to check out, right?!

Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated on the new blocks we make, and can’t wait to show off the Economy Blocks as they get here!

Happy Quilting!

Where did the week go?

Do you ever have those days when you sit down at the end, exhausted, and have to wonder, what the heck did I do to be this tired? Somehow the time went by and you were really busy, but ya’ can’t quite put your finger on what you did. Well, that was my week! I know that I was in the car a lot, and that I did squeeze in some sewing time between swim meets and grocery store runs, but I’m not sure what else I did! Fortunately, all that semi-mindless stuff gave me moments throughout the day to plot..eh…I mean imagine, my next project.  

With all the “imagine” time I had last week, I decided to give myself a goal for this week. First, I’m going to finish up the latest Round-Robin bee blocks from my Threadbias group. That’s always fun and a super creative! Then, it’ll be on to the partially finished quilt top for my grandma. It makes me so happy to do something for her AND it’ll be a total surprise.  Wish me luck and lots of sew time. 🙂

Before I’m off to the studio, with the Bott and Roo beasties, I do have a couple of really fun bits that I wanted to chat with you about. I went to a local quilt show, and I finished my improv quilt that I started in Sherri Lynn Wood’s class, at the Portland Sew Down. The quilt pictures will have to wait a day or two as my photos are really quite terrible, and I need to try again when the light is cooperating more. But, I do have a few good pic from the show.

Last Saturday I had  a wonderful time with my mom, and our friend Gale, in Palm Springs, California at the Desert Guilds Quilt Show, 2014. Here’s the link: http://www.desertguildsquiltshow.com in case you’d like to check it out. It was hosted by three local guilds: The Cactus Sew-Ables, The Coachella Valley, and The Pass Patchers guilds. The work varied in style and motifs, from traditional, to modern, to art quilting. It was so much fun! Aaaaand, in the vendors area, we discovered two new local fabric stores to help get ourselves into a bit of “fabric mischief” during our next visit to the desert! 😉

Here’s a few of the many fabulous quilts they had on display.

This modern beauty is by…oh my goodness, I forgot to take a close-up of the tag. I’m dropping a note to the show’s organizers to see if I can get the maker’s name and give her proper credit for this beautiful work. I love the design, the colors and the quilting… well, everything about it! I’ve gotta be honest…wish I had made it. I think it’s just great!




As far as art quilting goes, we thought this unusual piece by Bob Hix and quilted by Lynette Harlan, was original and beautiful. It has incredible texture and was so detailed. Made and designed by bob Hix. Quilted by Lynette Harlan


This beautiful quilt is made by Pat Seigel from a Kaffee Fassett pattern. It’s called “Delectable Stripes” and was quilted by Karen Lummus. My photograph doesn’t do it justice– it’s truly beautiful and seemed to be a favorite of everyone!


I had to show you a couple of close-ups, too!

IMG_3019 IMG_3018Beautiful, right?! What a treat! a great show and an afternoon with “the Ladies”.

OK, next post, My Improv Quilt. Am I building excitement yet?  😉

Talk to you soon & Happy quilting!

SewDown Portland

I’ve never been much of a traveler; I am a homebody. Recently, I’ve been going out of my comfort zone and I have now traveled twice for sewing retreats. I’m getting hooked on traveling–at least for craftiness!

In early February I went to Portland for the MQG’s SewDown. What a blast! I came in a day early and stayed a day late to see the city and hit the local fabric stores. Boy, did I do that! I came with two bags, neither full, and left just able to squeeze everything in–don’t judge me ;D! I’m sure you can relate to my lack of “fabric control”.

It was quite a weekend just for the weather alone. 

It was the biggest snow storm in 12 years! 


The city looked beautiful, and for this Los Angeles ‘lifer’ it was such a treat.IMG_2948I really enjoyed Portland, from the kind locals to the delicious food. I sewed, chatted and ate my way through the weekend! Yippee!


The Voodoo Donuts didn’t hurt, either!

I had the chance to take a class in paper piecing from Lee Heinrich. Being too intimidated to try paper piecing on my own, this was wonderful. I was able to complete most of the Shooting Star mini quilt top below in the three hour time frame.


Julie Herman showed us the in’s-n-out’s of her SideKick ruler to make diamonds and triangles, in four sizes, with just one ruler–totally cool. We made this piece with Valerie Wells new line of fabric.



The next day we started with Sheri Lynn Wood in an round robin improv class. I left with an 18″x24″ start for an quilt top and a some new ideas on process. It was a great exercise on ‘making things work’ (thank you Tim Gunn) and following the story on the piece in front of you. She encouraged us to really look at what was a happening in the piece in front of us and add to it in a way that compliment its style, instead of bring our own signature to it regardless of how it integrated.


The last class was with the absolutely lovely and super talented Heather Jones. We had meet the prior year at The Makerie in Colorado, but I hadn’t been able to work in a class with her. This was quite a treat. Her straight forward style and clean modern aesthetic is fabulous. We made one of four blocks for her upcoming new pattern “You and Me”.


I came home with new friends, a greater appreciation of the weather–the snow was intense- and a wish that I had signed up for the next one in Nashville! Guess I’m going to have to wait for QuiltCon in Austin next year. Screenshot 2014-03-01 22.35.18

Happy Quilting and talk to you soon!

Round Robin Improv

The other bee I’m involved in is round robin style. While I’d never heard of this style of sewing before, I found the surprise factor so intriguing that I had to give it a try. There are five ladies in our group, so our block center will visit four sewing rooms to “play the improv game” before coming home to receive the final touches and quilting. You can add to the block any way that strikes you, asymmetrically, top and bottom or bordered. Sounded pretty fun, really creative and it’s been totally enjoyable! We’re finishing the final round, which I’ll post soon, but in the mean time, here are some examples of the past rounds:

An orphaned block from a Weeks Ringle pattern (fab pattern but a color miss with the other blocks in the piece), a bit of Denyse Schmidt fabric and in the mail it went to Arizona:


…and here it is after the first round:


Thank you Dezertsuz! You can check out her other fab work on her blog:


This is a block I added to in the third round. Here it is as it came to me after round two:


Love, love, love those owls and the prairie points!

And after my addition:


I added the foundation piecing on the edges to mimic the prairie points and the scrappy log cabins surrounding the owls. Those night time critters will never sleep with all that “loudness” happening around them. 😉

I can’t wait to see the all the blocks after their final round as they make it home to get quilted up!

The process of the improvisational bee gave me a lot to consider for future projects. It seemed much easier than it turned out to be. I found myself really trying to interpret the piece and add to it in a way that continued it’s “story”. And of course, you’re hoping, hoping, hoping that the originator will like it when it gets back to them! It was a chance to try new techniques, and delve into colors and ideas that I may not have done on my own. I highly recommend it if you have the chance and the time!

I recently took an improv class at The Modern Quilt Guild’s Sewdown in Portland, with Sheri Lynn Wood. I’ll tell you all about the event and her class next time!

See you soon and Happy Quilting!

On-line Quilting Bees

Has anyone ever done a quilting bee? I hadn’t, but I loved the idea, so when I heard the there was such a think as an on-line bee, I was totally intrigued. With a bit of googling around I discovered Threadbias and several on-line bees.

I joined two and it’s been really fun! The first one is for Newbee Quilters. There are 12 ladies in our group, from Los Angeles to Perth! One person picks a block, post the pattern and gives the fabric parameters. We have about a month to send out our completed blocks. The next month someone else is the “Queen Bee”, and they pick a new block for us to make. My month is July, 2014. I haven’t decide what to make yet. Suggestions??

Our first block was the Star Crossed Block from Don’t Call Me Betsy. Elizabeth Dackson has a great tutorial for this block as well as many other fab things on her website:


I made several blocks and these were the two I sent.

I was worried that there wasn’t enough contrast with the blues and lavender,


but after trying the blue and orange I was satisfied.


So off they went to Australia for a great adventure!

I’m really enjoying this process and can’t wait for next month’s block. The group is friendly and supportive and it’s exciting to watch the pictures as the quilt grows with each new addition.

Next Post: Improve-Robin– a different style of Bee!