Where did the week go?

Do you ever have those days when you sit down at the end, exhausted, and have to wonder, what the heck did I do to be this tired? Somehow the time went by and you were really busy, but ya’ can’t quite put your finger on what you did. Well, that was my week! I know that I was in the car a lot, and that I did squeeze in some sewing time between swim meets and grocery store runs, but I’m not sure what else I did! Fortunately, all that semi-mindless stuff gave me moments throughout the day to plot..eh…I mean imagine, my next project.  

With all the “imagine” time I had last week, I decided to give myself a goal for this week. First, I’m going to finish up the latest Round-Robin bee blocks from my Threadbias group. That’s always fun and a super creative! Then, it’ll be on to the partially finished quilt top for my grandma. It makes me so happy to do something for her AND it’ll be a total surprise.  Wish me luck and lots of sew time. 🙂

Before I’m off to the studio, with the Bott and Roo beasties, I do have a couple of really fun bits that I wanted to chat with you about. I went to a local quilt show, and I finished my improv quilt that I started in Sherri Lynn Wood’s class, at the Portland Sew Down. The quilt pictures will have to wait a day or two as my photos are really quite terrible, and I need to try again when the light is cooperating more. But, I do have a few good pic from the show.

Last Saturday I had  a wonderful time with my mom, and our friend Gale, in Palm Springs, California at the Desert Guilds Quilt Show, 2014. Here’s the link: http://www.desertguildsquiltshow.com in case you’d like to check it out. It was hosted by three local guilds: The Cactus Sew-Ables, The Coachella Valley, and The Pass Patchers guilds. The work varied in style and motifs, from traditional, to modern, to art quilting. It was so much fun! Aaaaand, in the vendors area, we discovered two new local fabric stores to help get ourselves into a bit of “fabric mischief” during our next visit to the desert! 😉

Here’s a few of the many fabulous quilts they had on display.

This modern beauty is by…oh my goodness, I forgot to take a close-up of the tag. I’m dropping a note to the show’s organizers to see if I can get the maker’s name and give her proper credit for this beautiful work. I love the design, the colors and the quilting… well, everything about it! I’ve gotta be honest…wish I had made it. I think it’s just great!




As far as art quilting goes, we thought this unusual piece by Bob Hix and quilted by Lynette Harlan, was original and beautiful. It has incredible texture and was so detailed. Made and designed by bob Hix. Quilted by Lynette Harlan


This beautiful quilt is made by Pat Seigel from a Kaffee Fassett pattern. It’s called “Delectable Stripes” and was quilted by Karen Lummus. My photograph doesn’t do it justice– it’s truly beautiful and seemed to be a favorite of everyone!


I had to show you a couple of close-ups, too!

IMG_3019 IMG_3018Beautiful, right?! What a treat! a great show and an afternoon with “the Ladies”.

OK, next post, My Improv Quilt. Am I building excitement yet?  😉

Talk to you soon & Happy quilting!