Round Robin Improv

The other bee I’m involved in is round robin style. While I’d never heard of this style of sewing before, I found the surprise factor so intriguing that I had to give it a try. There are five ladies in our group, so our block center will visit four sewing rooms to “play the improv game” before coming home to receive the final touches and quilting. You can add to the block any way that strikes you, asymmetrically, top and bottom or bordered. Sounded pretty fun, really creative and it’s been totally enjoyable! We’re finishing the final round, which I’ll post soon, but in the mean time, here are some examples of the past rounds:

An orphaned block from a Weeks Ringle pattern (fab pattern but a color miss with the other blocks in the piece), a bit of Denyse Schmidt fabric and in the mail it went to Arizona:


…and here it is after the first round:


Thank you Dezertsuz! You can check out her other fab work on her blog:

This is a block I added to in the third round. Here it is as it came to me after round two:


Love, love, love those owls and the prairie points!

And after my addition:


I added the foundation piecing on the edges to mimic the prairie points and the scrappy log cabins surrounding the owls. Those night time critters will never sleep with all that “loudness” happening around them. πŸ˜‰

I can’t wait to see the all the blocks after their final round as they make it home to get quilted up!

The process of the improvisational bee gave me a lot to consider for future projects. It seemed much easier than it turned out to be. I found myself really trying to interpret the piece and add to it in a way that continued it’s “story”. And of course, you’re hoping, hoping, hoping that the originator will like it when it gets back to them! It was a chance to try new techniques, and delve into colors and ideas that I may not have done on my own. I highly recommend it if you have the chance and the time!

I recently took an improv class at The Modern Quilt Guild’s Sewdown in Portland, with Sheri Lynn Wood. I’ll tell you all about the event and her class next time!

See you soon and Happy Quilting!